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Nature in the Tyrolian mountains


The beauty of nature

The short and easy accessibility crowns the Tannheimertal - a summer and winter paradise - to the "most beautiful high mountain valley in Europe".

Alpine worlds, crystal clear air and a unique panorama make these mountains an unforgettable experience.

  • Hiking experience at over 1100 meters above sea level with 300km of hiking trails
  • Discover the beauty of the mountains
  • Enjoy the nature reserve Vilsalpsee
  • A great starting point for countless tours and activities - no matter what time of year

Blooming life...

In between cultivated farmland and high mountains, lovers of nature will find their happy place. Putinesque landscapes welcome you - relaxations here has no limits.

Hikers will be rewarded with a fascinating all-round view of the Alps after a demanding walk to the top. After descending on a tour in the magnificent mountains, a jump into the cool spring water of the Haldensee or Vilsalpsee is just the right thing to do.

A holiday in the mountains - with the sun as a safe companion, until it disappears, glowing red, behind the peaks of our sensational mountains, just to rise again every morning in all its glory.



In long flat walks or breathtaking high-altitude trails with spots to relax, you can free your mind and soul - and all of this with a dreamlike backdrop of a magical mountain scenery.


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